The Various Engineers You Might Need for Your Project

If you're a homeowner looking to make some major changes to your house or property, or a business owner looking to expand your production line, you might need the services of an engineer. However, it can get confusing as to what type of engineer you might need for a particular project or design, as there are actually many different types of engineering fields and disciplines! Note a few of the more common types of engineers and what they do, so you know which type of professional you might need for your project.

Mechanical engineer

A mechanical engineer studies the design of mechanical products, so they would be needed if you're looking to produce or modify any type of machinery. This includes heating and cooling systems, which is something to consider if you're planning a renovation or construction project with a customized heating or cooling system, such as for a barn, commercial-sized garage, and the like.

Environmental engineer

An environmental engineer is a bit different than a landscaper, as an environmental engineer will understand how various construction projects or products affects the overall environment. This includes air and water quality, conservation and so on. If you're concerned with how a renovation project or a new product you want to manufacture would affect the environment, and want to ensure your project or product is as eco-friendly as possible, you might consult with an environmental engineer.

Architectural engineer

As the name implies, an architectural engineer works in the field of design and construction for structures and is skilled in designing those structures to withstand hurricanes and other such natural disasters. An engineer will also know what's needed to construct structures on unstable soil, such as for homes on a beach.

Architectural engineers also ensure that a structure can hold up its own weight. If you're considering any renovation project that would involve changing the weight of a home or commercial building, such as adding another story, you should consult with an architectural engineer.

Electrical engineer

An electrical engineer actually studies all forms of energy, and not just electricity. An electrical engineer would then know how to harness and apply solar, wind, and hydro power. This includes the energy needed for various products, such as automobiles and their parts, machinery and the like. If you have a renovation or construction project planned and would like to change the type of energy used in that home or building or are designing a part or product that needs energy to function, you might consult with an electrical engineer.

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