Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Glass Signage for Your New Office

If you have just opened a new office branch for your business, then having signage is critical. If you are undecided on which material to use, why not try glass signage. Compared to signage from other material, glass signage will make your office stand out and look elegant. That being said, it is important to note that glass signage needs extra care especially if it is placed outdoors. Such attention is attributed to the fact that glass is a fragile material and tends to scratch and stain easily. This article provides a few pointers you can apply if you want to get the most out of your glass signage. The tips apply whether you decide to use the glass signage indoors or outdoors.  

Use Resistant Materials -- When you decide to use glass signage for your office, make sure that you inform your signage designer to use some resist material on the glass to act as a protectant. Vinyl (soft and hard) and rubber are some of the best materials in the market for this job. These materials will protect your glass signage from scratches as well as a variety of oils, which are stubborn to clean. An important aspect to note, however, is that resistant vinyl are not as thin as other signage vinyl due to etching. That is, choosing the type of resistant plastic to use depends on the depth of etching. For instance, if you want a shallow etch go for hard vinyl, but is you prefer a deep etch on your signage then you should opt for soft vinyl or rubber.

Use LED Lights -- Other than taking good care of glass signage, you can get the most out of it by using LED light on the edges. Naturally, a clean and polished glass will sparkle. However, by fixing LED lighting on the sides of your signage, you will add that extra sparkle that is unrivaled by any other signage material. For example, if you have deep etched on the glass, lighting it up will illuminate the etched areas perfectly thereby drawing people's attention to your office with little effort.

Use Frosted Decals -- If you are using your window as your office signage, frosted decals are one way you can add elegance to your window sign while at the same time protecting it especially if it is placed outdoors. Made from etched glass adhesive, frosted decals are neither completely clear nor opaque thereby creating a sense of the much-needed privacy. For instance, if your office is located in an area with high human traffic, a frosted decal on your glass window or door signage is your best bet to keeping prying eyes away from the on-goings of the office, while at the same time attracting clientele.  

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