What's Good Below the Water Table?

Well water pumps are among the different types of agricultural equipment that cannot be missed on a farm. These pumps are either installed above the water table inside the well (jet pumps), or they're submerged below the water table. Those that go below the water table are referred to as submersible pumps, and they're advantageous in a number of ways. Below are three reasons why a submersible water pump is a worthwhile investment.

Peace and Quiet

A new bore pump will operate with minimal noise as a result of involuntary vibrations. As water pumps get older, they become more and more noisy. A noisy pump can be a nuisance if it's installed in close proximity to your living quarters. While submersible pumps may generate noise, less of the noise will reach your residential premises. For one, the pumps are installed at a greater depth than jet pumps are. Thus, vibrations will have to travel a longer distance before you can hear it from the house. At this point the vibrations won't be as loud. Secondly, submersible pumps are installed below the water table. Noise generated by an operational pump is dampened as it travels through water above the pump on its way out of the well. When it comes to the quietness of operation, submersible pumps are the cream of the crop.


Thanks to their mode of operation, submerged bore pumps are more efficient than jet pumps. Submersible pumps use less energy to pump water through greater distances. Because they're installed underwater, these pumps distribute water by pushing it forward under pressure rather than through suction. Pushing water forward requires less energy than sucking it in. In the same breath, suction generates a greater degree of resistance to the movement of water. Higher resistance explains why a jet pump will use more power than a submersible pump to distribute water over the same distance.

Reduced Vulnerability to Damage

Last, but not least, submersible pumps are less prone to suffer physical or mechanical damage. Because submersible pumps operate under the water for their entire lifespan, they're constructed to be more durable than jet pumps. For one, a submersible pump has to be 100% water-tight in order to protect its internal components from the ever-present threat of water damage. Similarly, these pumps are often made of high carbon steel that has higher resistance to the ever-present threat of corrosion inside the well.

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