3 Trends You Should Consider Incorporating in Your Plastic Product Display Units

Many things can entice a customer to buy a product that has been displayed at a point of purchase, such as at the checkout counter in a shopping center. This article discusses three trends that you should consider incorporating when you order custom plastic display units for your retail shop.

Digital Display Features

You can consider installing small digital screens inside the plastic product displays. Such screens can display the key features of each product inside the display unit. The screens may also show demonstrations of how the product can be used. Such motion and sound information will help customers to relate to the product because they will be able to see themselves using the product in the same way as the individuals depicted on the screens. You are therefore more likely to register more sales if you use this trend in your plastic product displays.

LED Lighting Technology

Another way make the products inside your new plastic product displays attractive to customers is to incorporate LED lights within the display units. LED lights can be customised to shine any colour of light that you desire onto the products within the displays. For instance, you can install LED lights that create a golden halo around the jewelry inside the plastic displays. Such jewelry is likely to be very attractive to the people who walk into your retail shop.

Interactive Displays

A customer who encounters a product in an interactive display may be more likely to buy that product when compared to another customer who finds a similar product in a display that has no interactive features. You should therefore try to make the plastic displays you order interactive so that you can increase the likelihood of making more sales each day. For instance, you can ask the fabricator to design the plastic displays in such a way that a customer can easily feel or touch the product. High-impact plastic should be used so that the display can withstand the impact of frequent handling as customers reach in to touch the products inside the displays.

The three trends discussed above are just a few of the techniques that you can use to make your plastic product displays truly effective. Ask the fabricator for suggestions on other techniques that you can use to make your products more attractive to your prospective customers. That plastic product display fabricator will use his or her experience to advise you on the most cost-effective techniques to incorporate in your custom displays.

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