Tips on How to Prolong the Life of Your Interior PVC Doors

Polyvinylchloride, commonly known as PVC is widely used today in the manufacture of interior doors due its low maintenance feature. PVC is a stable material that's pollution resistant and corrosion resistant, and this enables it to last for years without requiring repairs. Unlike other materials like wood and metal which are high-maintenance, PVC does not require daily maintenance to preserve their appearance and functionality.  However, lack of proper regular care for interior PVC doors can reduce their value and shorten their usable life.

Here are some tips on measures you can take to prolong the life of your interior PVC doors and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Lubricate the doors regularly

The movable parts of interior PVC doors require regular lubrication to keep them in proper operation and prevent wear and tear. If the parts are not lubricated, there is a lot of friction between the parts when the door is opened and closed. As the parts continue to grind against each other, they begin to wear. If you notice any unusual squealing noises from your door during opening or closing, it is time to lubricate the hinges and other moving arts. Doing so will extend the life of the door's parts and save you from undertaking repairs to worn out parts.

Non-abrasive cleaning

Interior PVC doors, especially those used in bathrooms and showers, are bound to accumulate dust and water droplets over time. They can be an eyesore in your home if they are not cleaned. Regularly wiping down the door with a piece of cloth and solvent cleaner should get it clean. Alternatively, you can use any dishwashing solution or mild detergent. Avoid any abrasive materials like scrubs or cleaning agents which can ruin the paint and finish on the door. Cleaning can be done a few times in a year, depending on the kind of environment that the doors are exposed to.

Repainting and finishing

PVC doors that have been used for more than a decade may begin to show signs of fading paint. Aside from age, the UV radiation from the sun is often responsible for fading paint on doors, windows, roofs, and other fixtures. The process of repainting the door may involve a visual inspection to ensure that all the parts are in good condition, and that no repairs are required. The old paint should also be removed and the door cleaned in readiness for fresh paint.

Hiring a contractor is usually the best option as they have the necessary tools and equipment for this job. Also, they have the know-how on the best paint brands and finishes which can last for decades without peeling away or fading.

With these maintenance tips, you can extend the life of the PVC doors and reduce the cost of repairing door fixtures and components.

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