Plumbing Tips For a Winter Cabin

If you have a cabin that is in the woods or another location that gets a lot of snow and below-freezing temperatures, you need to pay extra care to the plumbing system. In the winter, the pipes are at a high risk of becoming frozen, which can be disastrous and require a lot of expensive repairs.

Run Water Regularly During the Winter Season

One of the most important things to do with your plumbing system in the winter is to keep running water through those pipes. In many cases, frozen pipes don't occur just because it is freezing out but because the pipes have no way to warm up. If you frequently run warm or hot water through the pipes when it is cold out, then you have a better chance at keeping them warm enough to avoid freezing. This means that, if your cabin is vacant at all during the winter, you need to have someone turn the water on in the cabin at the very least.

Use Insulated Pipes

A good idea when going through plumbing renovations is to switch out your current pipes with insulated ones. There are pipes that come pre-insulated, so these are good to use if you are already re-doing the plumbing in the cabin or building a new winter cabin. Otherwise, it can be costly to replace them all, so adding in insulation is a better idea. While you really only need the insulation in the winter, it is easier to choose something that lasts and keep it there all year-long. There are also chilled water pipes that can help keep the pipes at a certain temperature to avoid major issues.

Be Careful With Frozen Pipes

If you end up with frozen pipes even after these suggestions, then make sure you are careful with them. It is best that you call a professional plumber since you don't want to crack them and have to make expensive replacements. If the pipes are frozen, never just start running hot water through them or you could cause them to crack. Instead, run cool or lukewarm water first, then gradually increase the heat. Remember that, if you have a leak and frozen pipes, they have probably already gotten damaged, so you need to call an emergency plumber right away.

With a winter cabin, don't mess around with your pipes. If at all possible, replace your current plumbing system with pre-insulated pipes for added protection.

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