3 Different Types of Products Made from Precast Concrete

Precast concrete has been used in the construction industry for a very long time. In order to make precast concrete, pure concrete is cast in re-usable molds which are then cured under monitored conditions before being moved to the construction site. This is different from standard concrete that cannot be molded and cured off-site. Here is a quick introduction to the various types of products made from precast concrete.

Agricultural Products

Precast concrete products have been used in the agricultural sector for a very long time. Their continued use can be attributed to the fact that they have great resistance to extremely harsh weather. Some of these products include cattle feed banks, livestock watering troughs, bunker silos and livestock slats among several others.

Precast concrete panels are also widely used in the development of several agricultural structures such as silage clamps, grains stores and slurry stores.

Utility Structures

Utility structures allow you to enjoy a number of conveniences. Utility structures include telecommunication line boosters, electrical and gas systems, transformers, and so on. Some of the common concrete utility products include light pole bases, panel vaults, transformer pads, and meter boxes among many others.

One major advantage of using precast cement to make these structures is that it is not toxic. Its use in the said structures does not therefore pollute the environment.

Precast concrete is used in many other applications thanks to its versatility. Other products not mentioned herein include leaching pits, dry wells, and fire cisterns.

Special Concrete Products

Precast concrete is also used in the manufacture of certain special products used in different sectors of the economy. These include:

  • Cemetery products: Concrete cemetery products include mausoleums and underground vaults among others. The mentioned products are made to be highly water-tight in order to increase their resistance to harsh weather, thereby increasing their lifespan.
  • Hazardous Materials Storage Containers: Hazardous materials need to be handled with extra caution. It is for this reason that there are specialized storage containers designed for such materials. Precast concrete is one of the most important materials used in the manufacture of these containers.

Precast concrete is used due to its superior ability to seal in the hazardous products. It is also preferred because it has the strength required to protect such materials from damage due to external factors including natural disasters.

From the above discussion, it is quite clear why precast concrete will continue to be used in the construction industry. Talk to contractors such as Specialty Precast Pty Ltd to learn more about how these services can benefit your property or business.

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