Coating Or Covering? 2 Options For Protecting Your Garage Floor

Is your garage floor becoming damaged by oil, water or other corrosive elements? Are you looking for a way to protect your floor? There are a variety of protective materials that you can apply to your garage floor to prevent cracks, stains and other damage. Many of these protective elements come in different styles, so they can also enhance your garage's appearance. You primarily have two choices when it comes to garage floor protection. You can either coat the floor with an element or cover it with new material. Each option has its own benefits, so consider carefully before making a decision.

Garage floor coatings

Garage floor coatings come in two groups -- paint and epoxy finishes. Many people think they're the same thing since they look very similar. However, there are very big differences between the two. Paint really only offers aesthetic benefits. It will make your garage floor look nice, but it won't do a whole lot in the way of protecting your floor from water, oil or other elements.

Epoxy finishing is a thicker chemical composition that provides added protection. Epoxy finishes come in either one- or two-part solvents or 100 percent solids. The 100 percent solids type provides the most protection and will last the longest. A one-part solvent epoxy provides only slightly more protection than paint and may need to be redone after only a few years. A two-part solvent epoxy is a good middle-ground between the two. You use a paint roller to apply it. However, you'll notice quickly that it doesn't roll as easily as paint. You may have to work hard to spread it across your floor.

If you do apply paint or epoxy to your floor, you'll need to repair any cracks in the garage floor first. Otherwise, the cracks may be visible through coating.

Garage floor coverings

While coatings are great for aesthetic and protective purposes, they don't provide much in the way of comfort. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you may want something that makes your floor easier to walk on. That's where coverings come in.

Garage floor coverings are usually available either in interlocking tiles or in roll-out mats. Tiles often come in either rubber, wood composite or plastic. Mats are generally only available in rubber. Both mats and tiles can provide cushioned padding that makes the floor easier to walk on. You can also get textured coverings to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Covering installation is usually much easier than coating application. You simply lay your tiles or roll your mat. There's no need to repair cracks in the floor before installing the tiles or mats.

Talk to a specialist, such as Alpha Industries, about which type of protection may be best for your garage. They can help you find a floor protector that meets your needs and your budget.

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