Why Use Sanitary Bins in Your Workplace?

Sanitary bins are those that are used for what is called offensive waste. Offensive waste is any type of trash or refuse that would be a danger to others if they were to come into contact with that waste, or rubbish that has a foul odour or that simply looks offensive. In public restrooms or restrooms in offices, this would include anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids and especially blood, including tissues, feminine hygiene products, bandages, and the like.

If you operate a doctor's office or clinic of any sort then you may already have bins for hazardous waste, but for these locations and other businesses, it's still good to consider separate sanitary bins in exam rooms, treatment rooms and areas, and restrooms. Consider why that is.

1. Bacteria can survive on refuse surfaces

Sanitary napkin disposal units can harbour extreme amounts of bacteria and mould growth on the exteriors. The interiors of these units typically have some 10 times the contamination of bacteria as the exterior surfaces.

Because bacteria is so prevalent on these types of units, it's best for the safety of staff and cleaning personnel that they be bacteria-resistant and specifically designed to resist this type of contamination. This will ensure the safety of everyone who comes into contact with these units. Sanitary bins are designed to be resistant to bacteria, unlike plain rubber or plastic bins.

2. Hepatitis can be found in blood-stained refuse

One million Americans may be infected with Hepatitis B without even knowing it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The virus is very strong and it can easily survive on blood-stained refuse and even fixtures in a bathroom for up to a full week, and be capable of causing infection in others. It can live in only one drop of blood or bodily fluid.

Hepatitis C can survive on these same surfaces for up to four days when at room temperature.

Both viruses enter the body through broken skin. If the virus is found in blood-soaked or tainted rubbish it can then become a hazard for those who touch that trash. Using sanitary bins can keep the rubbish itself separated and ensure that it does not affect the outer areas of the bins and will not come into contact with other staff or cleaning personnel.

These are just two reasons why an establishment of any sort should invest in proper sanitary bins for their workplace. These bins can keep bacteria and even dangerous hepatitis away from workers and cleaning personnel, protecting their health.

For more information, contact a sanitary bin rental company like Pacific Hygiene Systems.

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